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I am available for commissioned original works.

My specialty is portraiture with supernatural or psychological themes, but I am not limited, and will gladly work outside my genre. In the past, I have done realistic portraiture and landscapes, fantasy/RPG and original character portraits, album and book covers, interior illustrations, and tattoo designs.

I usually work in a realistic style, a stylized anime-influenced style, or a mix of the two. The material I work in depends on the type of piece I am creating, and what the final piece will be used for. I usually work with mixed media. My realistic paintings are usually done in acrylics and colored pencils; my character portraits are usually created with ink, colored pencil, markers, and acrylics, (or the lineart can be colored digitally). I usually clean and fine-tune my pieces in Adobe Photoshop at high resolution.
I can create sketches, inked lineart, grayscale art, and full color pieces using pencils, ink, color pencils, acrylics, digital coloring techniques, or a combination of these.
I prefer to sell prints as the finished pieces for private commissions, but I can provide a digital file (for your personal use only), or we can discuss transferring ownership of the original piece of art. In cases where the art is for commercial use, we will need to negotiate use and rights to be sold, and I will supply the final piece as per your specifications.

Pricing: The price of any given piece depends on the medium, style, complexity of the subject matter, and usage. In cases where the original piece is bought, size may also affect the price. I can provide a quote based on these factors; a single piece can run $50 and up, but price is negotiable.

When you request a piece, I will need to know:
1. What you would like drawn or painted*
2. What style (realistic, stylized, mixed)
3. What medium
4. What is the finished size (16x20 or smaller preferred)
5. What will it be used for (even if you are just hanging it on your wall)
6. What format do you need the final piece in
7. When do you need it by

* This information will help me in the quoting process. Please supply as much reference information as possible, including mood and dominant colors, if you have a preference, level of detail (would you like a background?), and any specific elements you would like emphasized. If you have photos or a picture that captures an element you're looking for perfectly, send it my way. (I will not replicate copywritten work, but I can take cues from it and create an original piece that does not infringe on the original creator's rights). If there is a piece in my gallery that you would like me to refer to, let me know which one.

Once I have received your request, I will review the provided information and contact you as soon as possible with either a quote or a request for more information. If you accept the quote, I will need a deposit (usually 50%). This, and the final payment, can be sent through Paypal or as a check (it may take longer for the check to get to me).
Once payment has been processed, I will begin a few thumbnail sketches to send to you for review. At this point they will only be rough layouts, and not very detailed. I will do a second set of sketches if none of the first set are satisfactory.
Once the thumbnail sketch is approved, I will complete an under-drawing on the material the piece will be completed on. I will send a scan of this to you for changes before I begin inking or coloring. Beyond this point, making changes will be more difficult in most cases, so it is best to get any issues out of the way here. I will allow three revisions.
When the under-drawing is approved, I will begin inking or coloring it. This part of the process usually takes approximately a week to complete. A third proof may be necessary about halfway through; I will let you know. I will upload a completed image for your review and send you a link via email. At this point small changes can be made to most images; I will allow two rounds of small tweaks to the final piece. In cases where the final piece will be the original artwork, I will be very limited in the changes I can make.
When the final image is approved, the remainder of the payment should be sent either via Paypal or check. Once I have received and processed it, I will release the final art in the form agreed upon.

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